Whether you need a rapid prototype, proof of concept, or commercial solution from existing technology, we provide innovative software design and development services that will help solve your problems.

After building our own 900Mhz 802.15.4 multi-hop mesh stack protocol, we are positioned to be world leaders in this niche area of network architecture.

Our new wireless protocol allows us to gather unique data sets from customized sensors using proprietary routing algorithms, processing techniques, and data analytics.

We have champions at Canadian universities who provide access to people, ideas, and things that create synergy for us and our clients.

Whether you are interested in detecting cars from video or integrating visual cues for robot navigation, our advanced academic training in computer vision and machine learning coupled with solid industry experience make us fit for the task.

We have experience with speech concatenation and manipulation, audio effects processing, frequency domain analytics and noise cancellation.

We are seasoned firmware engineers who love working down low on embedded devices. Our capabilities include firmware, hardware and system level design.

Thanks for all your great work on our biofuel point of sale system. Your professional approach, working with us to find solutions to our tech problems, was a key factor in the successful development of our project. We look forward to working with you again.
Brian RobertsExecutive DirectorCowichan Energy Alternatives Society