Full-stack Developer

Kinsol Research, Inc. is a provider of research and development services to advanced technology companies. We specialize in the art of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Innovation is our specialty, whether it is adapting an existing solution to a particular problem or developing a unique approach.We offer a dynamic work environment with challenging and interesting problems, great coffee, and a comprehensive benefits package.


We are looking for a technically oriented software generalist. We work on a variety of computing problems and are looking for our next team member to assist us with our projects. A full-stack developer in Kinsol Research needs to be able to immediately identify the client- and server-side responsibilities of a solution and articulate the pros and cons of various solutions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deal with large scale data systems, targeted towards high volume data processing and storage
  • Design decoupled, fault tolerant, highly scalable, highly available system architectures
  • Architect web solutions with an appreciation for responsive design patterns
  • Set up and configuring Linux servers and write server-side APIs
  • Automate processes to increase efficiencies wherever possible
  • Drive technical innovation and improvements


  • BS Degree in Computer science or Software Engineering with 2+ years of software development experience
  • FrontEnd:
    • Client-side languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Good looking content frameworks: Bootstrap, AngularJS
    • Libraries: jQuery, LESS
    • Cross browser compatibility
  • BackEnd:
    • Server-side languages: Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET
    • Relational (SQL) and non-relational databases
    • Frameworks: Django, Node.js
    • Linux server, bash scripts
  • DevOps:
    • Modular development, OOP, MVC pattern
    • Agile and ticket tracking tools (JIRA)
    • Version control (Git)
    • AWS: EC2, RDS, S3
    • Virtual machines, virtual environments, Docker
    • Continuous integration, test coverage automation, deployment automation
    • Strong understanding of the client/server architecture, the HTTP request/response cycle

Additional Assets

Exposure to research, ability to find, read, and apply technical publications such as academic conference proceedings and patents
Experience with the theory and application of a few of the following areas: Machine Learning, digital signal processing, probabilistic reasoning, statistical inference, graph algorithms, image processing, firmware and embedded systems, 802.15.4 wireless communication

Contact Information:

Please send a resume and cover letter in pdf form to: info@kinsolresearch.com with ATTENTION: Full-stack Developer in the subject line.