Kinsol is a company of collaborators.  Our passion is solving tough engineering problems for partners in business and university.  Our goal is to help extend your research and development team.

We exist in a sweet spot between academic and industrial communities, which gives us unique access to ideas and funding.  This means we offer competitive rates, state of the art technology, and good business sense.

As an independent engineering services company, we have several projects on the go.  This variety keeps us excited about our jobs.  Our high engineering standards translate to success for us and our partners.

Kinsol Research Inc. started in 2009 as an engineering services shop and, at the same time, began to commercialize research on sensor networks developed by company founder, Dr. Dimitri Marinakis.  Since our inception we have developed a solid reputation in the community and have learned to work cohesively as a group as we have sought innovative solutions to difficult engineering challenges.

We have our heads down, busy at work, but our eyes are up and we see lots of opportunity.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a success.