Kinsol Research provides R&D services to advanced technology companies. Our team of engineers, researchers, and project managers has a successful track record of delivering quality solutions on time and on budget. Our skill-set includes expertise in specialized areas such as machine learning and sensor networks.

Our Services
Engineering Services

Kinsol Research offers a wide spectrum of development services to our clients and partners. Whether you are seeking to extend the capacity of your in-house engineering department, or wish to outsource the entire product development cycle, we offer services that can help you achieve your goals. Areas of experience include embedded systems development and firmware, board design, communications, single board computers, large scale software systems, back-end web development, and scalable data management systems.

Sensor Networks

Kinsol Research offers world class expertise with sensor networks. Our engineers and scientists have experience working with sensor networks for several applications. We have direct experience in the design of mesh network protocols and routing algorithms over ISM band radio modules. We also have leveraged third party radio modules such as Dust Networks, Synapse, Aerocomm/Laird and LSR Research. We are proficient in collecting, processing, compressing, encrypting, and interpreting sensing data from any source.

Machine Learning

We are strong practitioners in the area of machine learning and statistical inference. Our engineers and scientists have designed a number of intelligent and adaptive systems in various application contexts.
Some areas of strength include: recommender engines, natural language processing, big data analysis, control and navigation, supervised and unsupervised learning, probabilistic reasoning, and Monte Carlo techniques.